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Anno: 2011
Stato: Terminata
Network: BBC Two
Followers: 133 utenti

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With a highly competitive, sharp-witted and passionate love triangle at the heart of the series, it is through the lens of the lives of enigmatic Bel and her rivals, Freddie and Hector, that viewers witness the decade at its most exciting – from the ruthless sexual politics behind the polite social façade to the revelations that redefined the world for a new generation. Over the six episodes, Abi explores the interplay and intense ambitions between our rising news team.
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Stagione 2
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Dominic West
Come: Hector Madden

Romola Garai
Come: Bel Rowley

Ben Whishaw
Come: Freddy Lyon

Anna Chancellor
Come: Lix Storm

Hannah Tointon
Come: Kiki Delaine

Joshua McGuire
Come: Isaac Wengrow

Julian Rhind-Tutt
Come: Angus McCain

Lisa Greenwood Lisa Greenwood
Come: Sissy Cooper

Oona Chaplin
Come: Marnie Madden

Peter Capaldi
Come: Randall Brown

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