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Anno: 2013
Stato: Terminata
Network: FOX (US)
Followers: 3 utenti

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A fearsome godlord from an alternate dimension is trapped in the small town of Oak Grove, where his only friend is a macabre little girl named Dylan(comedian Mary Mack). Together they fight the boredom of suburban life. Golan (voice of series creator Josh Miller) is Dylan's ideal playmate and she constantly urges him to destroy and wreak havoc on the town that makes her so miserable. Golan The Insatiable is created by television newcomer Miller, and developed for television by Matt Silverstein and Dave Jeser. Miller, Silverstein and Jeser serve as executive producers.
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Stagione 2
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Maria Bamford
Come: Carole Beekler

Rachel Butera
Come: Alexis Beekler

Rob Riggle
Come: Golan

Abbey DiGregorio
Come: Mackenzie B

Al LeVine
Come: Guy with a Pitchfork

Aubrey Plaza
Come: Dylan Beekler

Cree Summer
Come: County Clerk

John DiMaggio
Come: Mayor

Josh Miller
Come: Golan

Kaitlyn Robrock
Come: Mrs. Budnick

Matthew Silverstein
Come: Richard

Mikelle Mary Mack Budge
Come: Dylan Beekler

Nicholas Rutherford
Come: Keith Knudsen Jr.

Tara Strong
Come: Mackenzie B

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