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Anno: 2013
Stato: Terminata
Network: BET
Followers: 172 utenti

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Exploring the alluring world of professional basketball and the dancers who make the fans (and players) go wild, "Hit the Floor" asks the question: How much are you willing to sacrifice to make all your dreams come true? The Los Angeles Devils are the #1 team in the league. When the arena lights go on, all of Hollywood comes out to support the million dollar players. But in this city these men share the fame, adrenalin, money, sex and power with their dancers, the Devil Girls. At the heart of the series is Ahsha, a sheltered young woman who joins the team against the wishes of her mother Sloane, who knows this treacherous, tempting world all too well having been a Devil Girl herself. Olivia is the shrewd squad manager, Jelena is the ruthless, star captain who won't let anyone else share the spotlight and Pete Davenport is the former All-Star who's come back to coach his old team.
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Logan Browning
Come: Jelena Howard

Taylour Paige
Come: Ahsha Hayes

Jared Farid Ward
Come: Beau Ashby

Kristian Kordula
Come: Noah

Cort King
Come: Pax Lowe

Tiffany Hines
Come: Eve

Come: Jamie Lawson

Adam Senn
Come: Zero

McKinley Freeman
Come: Derek Roman

Jodi Lyn O'Keefe
Come: Lionel Davenport

Brent Antonello
Come: Jude Kinkade

Rob Riley
Come: Terrence Wall

Katherine Bailess
Come: Kyle Hart

Valery Ortiz
Come: Raquel Saldana

Kimberly Elise
Come: Sloane Hayes

Dean Cain
Come: Pete Davenport

Don Stark
Come: Oscar Kincade

Jonathan McDaniel
Come: German Vega

Charlotte Ross
Come: Olivia Vincent

Teyana Taylor
Come: London Scott

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