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Anno: 2014
Stato: Terminata
Network: ABC (US)
Followers: 107 utenti

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Clark and Ross Edwards are brothers and partners in a unique agency committed to solving clients’ problems using the hard science of psychological manipulation. Clark is a former professor and a world-renowned expert in the field of human behavior. He has a checkered history due to bipolar disorder, which sometimes results in quirky, manic episodes. His older brother, Ross, is a slick con man who spent time in prison. Each in their own way knows what makes people tick. Drawing from the most cutting edge research in psychology, they can tailor a plan to influence any situation. It’s a little bit science, a little bit con artistry, plus a smattering of Jedi mind tricks. The brothers, along with their team of master manipulators, are offering clients an alternative to fate.
Stagione 1
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Steve Zahn
Come: Clark Edwards

Christian Slater
Come: Ross Edwards

Megalyn Echikunwoke
Come: Megan Shane

Gregory Marcel
Come: Miles Hood

Cedric Sanders
Come: Latrell Griffin

Jaime Ray Newman
Come: Samantha "Sam" Gordon

Katherine Cunningham
Come: Beth Scott

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