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Anno: 2014
Stato: Terminata
Network: BBC Four
Followers: 2 utenti

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Brian Pern (Simon Day) is an ageing rock star and former front-man of ground breaking progressive rock group Thotch. Like many artists of his age, rather than make new music, he spends more time trying to save the planet (including his campaign to teach gorillas how to Skype). Now, the BBC have asked him to front a major new documentary where he presents his guide to The Life Of Rock from prehistoric man to the present day, in a spoof three-part chronology of some of the biggest moments in rock history. Thotch band members and former Stowe classmates Pat Quid, guitarist (Fast Show colleague Paul Whitehouse) and keyboard player Tony Pebble – pronounced Pebblé (Nigel Havers) - join Brian to reminisce about their heyday and beyond. Matt Lucas and Michael Kitchen also star as Brian’s legendary producer Ray Thomas, and his infamous manager John Farrow respectively, with the likes of Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer, and David Baddiel popping up as talking heads. With guests from the world of music playing versions of themselves, including Jools Holland, Rick Wakeman, David Arnold and Roger Taylor, Brian (Day) takes rock lovers on a re-imagined history of the genre. The Life Of Rock With Brian Pern is made by BBC Comedy Productions for BBC Four. It is directed and produced by Rhys Thomas and the executive producer is Saurabh Kakkar.
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Simon Day
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Michael Kitchen
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Lucy Montgomery
Come: Pepita Sanchez / Xanadu Bramble / Lyndsie Symon

Nigel Havers
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Paul Whitehouse
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Rhys Thomas
Come: Rhys Thomas OBE

Bob Mortimer
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David Arnold
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David Baddiel
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Jools Holland
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Matt Lucas
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Rick Wakeman
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Vic Reeves
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