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Anno: 2015
Stato: Terminata
Network: Syfy
Followers: 234 utenti

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Olympus is a mythological drama series which will take viewers into the action-packed world of humans, Gods and monsters over the course of 13 episodes. Olympus tells the story of how a few brave men and women banished the Gods to the realm of the unconscious - a place they called the Underworld or the Kingdom of Hades. The series follows the protagonist as he seeks the truth about his past, which may be intertwined with the Gods themselves.
Stagione 1
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Tom York
Come: Hero

Sonya Cassidy
Come: Oracle

Matt Frewer
Come: Daedalus

Sophia Lauchlin Hirt
Come: Ariadne

Alan C. Peterson
Come: Minos

Wayne Burns
Come: Lykos

John Emmet Tracy
Come: Pallas

Cas Anvar
Come: Xerxes

Graham Shiels
Come: Aegeus

Sonita Henry
Come: Medea

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