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Anno: 2014
Stato: In corso
Network: Lifetime (US)
Followers: 1 utenti

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This new docu-series chronicles the adventures of a unique group of smart, sexy and funny girlfriends with big hearts, big personalities and even bigger drama…who all happen to be little people. "Little Women: LA" invites viewers to walk in their shoes as they deal with relationships, parenting, careers and especially, the ups and downs of friendships. Each episode features longtime girlfriends Terra Jole, Tonya Banks, Elena Gant, Christy McGinity, Briana Manson and Traci Harrison. They laugh, cry, compete and fight with one another, but through it all they share a special unbreakable bond. And, while dealing with everyday challenges like the rest of the world, they prove that height is just a number. There’s nothing small about this loud and proud group who can teach us all a lesson or two about living life to the fullest.
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Terra Jole
Come: Terra Jole

Elena Gant
Come: Elena Gant

Tonya Banks
Come: Tonya Banks

Traci Richelle-Harrison
Come: Traci Richelle-Harrison

Jasmine Arteaga-Sorge
Come: Jasmine Arteaga-Sorge

Briana Manson
Come: Briana Manson

Christy McGinity-Gibel
Come: Christy McGinity-Gibel

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