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Anno: 2014
Stato: Terminata
Network: KBS TV2
Followers: 17 utenti

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Joo Hong-bin is a heartless and fearless man. He’s a smart, wealthy, prickly man who suddenly develops the ability to sprout iron from his body due to his painful heart and faces hardships for the first time in his life, he gets this power because of all the pain he carries in his heart, and discovers love and grows up along the way. Meanwhile, Song Hae-kyo is a meddlesome sort who loves the hero and takes it upon herself to turn him into a real man.
Stagione 1
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Lee Dong-Wook
Come: Joo Hong-Bin

Shin Se-Kyung
Come: Son Se-Dong

Han Jung-Soo
Come: Secretary Ko

Han Eun-Jung
Come: Kim Tae-Hee

Lee Mi-Sook
Come: Butler Yoon

Kim Kap-Soo
Come: Joo Jang-Won

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