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Anno: 2015
Stato: In corso
Network: ABC2
Followers: 5 utenti

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Simon Chan has returned to his hometown after many years training in a faraway martial arts temple. He is a born hero, defender of the weak and champion of the honest people of Cabramatta… Well, not really. The truth is Simon was at art school in Melbourne, but he’d rather risk his life and keep up the kung fu charade than disappoint his mother with the truth. Alongside his two best friends, Egg, a quick-buck entrepreneur and Petal, a groin-kicking kung fu girl, the trio face off against formidable foes including ferocious local gangs with a penchant for karaoke; an illegal fish fighting syndicate; a magical duck recipe that casts a horny spell; a K-Pop boy band spruiking Mayor Crawford’s nefarious plan for the town; and the terrifying callisthenic combat skills of his daughter, Elle.
Stagione 1
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Dave Eastgate
Come: Egg

Lawrence Leung
Come: Simon Chan

Stephanie Son
Come: Petal

Darren Gilshenan
Come: Mayor Crawford

Georgina Haig
Come: Elle

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