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Anno: 2015
Stato: In corso
Network: Netflix
Followers: 3 utenti

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“H2O – Mermaid Adventures” is a combination of comedy, friendship and adventures, both on land in Dolphin City and in a marvelous and magical undersea world. The brand-new animated series is taking the original concept of the world-hit live-action series to a whole new level. While exploring the mysterious Island of Mako, three quite ordinary teenage girls fall under a spell that changes their lives. From now on, whenever water splashes any one of them, they are transformed into mermaids! Endless situations and missions draw the three friends into the incredible underwater world where they make new friends: Bernie the hermit crab, Zita the inquisitive eel, Teddy the kid turtle, Sue the mystical manta ray and Carlotta the diva-jellyfish – and have endless fun and wonderful, enchanting adventures under the sea.
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Angel Galuppo
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Bruce Dinsmore
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Daniel Brochu
Come: Lewis McCartney

Daniel Kirchberger
Come: Elliot Gilbert

Eleanor Noble
Come: Emma Gilbert

Holly Gauthier-Frankel
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Matthew McKay
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Oliver Hörner
Come: Brad

Pauline Little
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Robert Naylor
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Sara Braden
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Sara Camacho
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Sonja Stein
Come: Cleo Sertori

Thor Bishopric
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