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Anno: 2014
Stato: Terminata
Network: TV Tokyo
Followers: 1 utenti
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Kiyota Kiyokazu (Kiyo), Tachibana Shigeo (Shige) and Arimura Norio (Nori) are childhood friends. Upon reaching the retirement age, Kiyo had to retire from his job, only to take up contract work at a Game Center. Shige owns an izakaya (Japanese pub) and used to run it until recently, having handed over the reins to his son, Kosei. Nori is a manager of a machinery equipment manufacturing plant. Back in high school, the three of them were part of the "Three Bad Boys" group. Kiyo is an expert in Kendo, while Shige has a black belt in Judo, and Nori is an ex-military strategist. All in their 60's now, the 3 of them get together to form a vigilance committee, and patrol the neighborhood at night.
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Kitaoji Kinya
Come: Kiyota Kiyokazu

Izumiya Shigeru
Come: Tachibana Shigeo

Shiga Kotaro
Come: Arimura Norio

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