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Anno: 2016
Stato: Terminata
Network: BBC One
Followers: 276 utenti

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Somerset, England, 1888. A land and a community on the edge of monumental change, on the great hinge between ancient traditional ways and an industrial, scientific future. A land of ghosts and myths, poltergeists and demons - if there was ever a time for those ghosts to rise out of the ground, this would be that time. At the heart of this small community is Nathan Appleby, a reluctant gentleman farmer who is obsessed with proving the existence of the afterlife.
Stagione 1
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Colin Morgan
Come: Nathan Appleby

Kerrie Hayes
Come: Gwen Pearce

Nicholas Woodeson
Come: Matthew Denning

Tallulah Rose Haddon
Come: Harriet

Charlotte Spencer
Come: Charlotte Appleby

Joel Gillman
Come: Jack Langtree

David Oakes
Come: non disponibile

Sarah Counsell
Come: Lizzie Merrifield

Chloe Pirrie
Come: Lara

Amber Fernée
Come: Bathsheba

Gina Bramhill
Come: Alice

Malcolm Storry
Come: Gideon

Pooky Quesnel
Come: Agnes

Syrus Lowe
Come: Nurse

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