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Anno: 2015
Stato: In corso
Network: jTBC
Followers: 3 utenti

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The current format adopts the high school concept where the seven cast members act as students with unique personalities. The cast ranges from a comedian, a retired sportsman to a K-pop star. In each show, two guests (or sometimes, a group of guests) join the class as newly transferred students. As is the case for ordinary high schools, all students of the class are considered to be of the same age regardless of their actual age, seniority and whether they have known each other or not, and they continue a mean, provocative but entertaining talk. Their gig is not confined to what is written on the script: their wonderful impromptu jigs and ad-libbed skits that cross between realities and imaginations are absolutely hilarious.
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Min Kyung-hoon
Come: Ssamja / Ssamgu

Kim Hee-chul
Come: Psycho / TV mania / Mr. Kim Stop It

Kang Ho-dong
Come: Oldest Brother

Seo Jang-hoon
Come: Ssamja's Father / Fact Bomber

Lee Soo-geun
Come: Ace

Lee Sang-min
Come: Good wife and Wise mother

Kim Young-chul
Come: D.a.n.g Boss

Kim Seol-Hyun
Come: Kim Seol-Hyun

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