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Anno: 2016
Stato: In corso
Network: Non disponibile
Followers: 20 utenti
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Chou Soran was a normal college student until he gets caught up in a terrible incident in a small village, while visiting his grandfather's grave, he then told by officer Song that he met a girl saying that she was the other daughter of his father. While walking through the graveyard, Soran is assaulted by zombies until a mysterious girl wielding a knife and a meat knife suddenly saves him. After encountering again with the girl Soran's life suddenly change, he was then force to join Houhou's company and many clan has come after him stating that he is the heir of Ketaigen style a power that was probably use by his late grandfather but Soran has no idea on what is going on with them.
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Atsushi Tamaru
Come: Soran Chou

Yuuko Iida
Come: Soran Chou (Youshouki)

Yumi Hara
Come: Yan Fengsha

Saori Hayami
Come: Houhou Fuu

Ayaka Asai
Come: Yan Liu

Marie Miyake
Come: Liang Lu

Youko Hikasa
Come: He Xia

Kenji Nojima
Come: San Xu

Shinnosuke Tachibana
Come: Si Xu

Kappei Yamaguchi
Come: Yuan

Kousuke Toriumi
Come: Lingyu Zhang

Tadashi Miyazawa
Come: Xilin Zhang

Kanehira Yamamoto
Come: Yude Zhang

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