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Anno: 2016
Stato: Terminata
Network: TLC
Followers: 50 utenti

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Tells the story of a young woman from a modest upbringing who discovers she may have a bright future in Washington D.C.'s fast-paced political scene. When Anna leaves her trailer park home in Alabama in a cloud of dust, she cuts all ties with her family and buries every element of her checkered past. Her friends in Washington think she comes from a wealthy family and know nothing of her real upbringing. Suddenly, the real Anna is exposed when she causes a major political scandal and makes national headlines for her part in an affair with one of the nation's most powerful players. With nowhere to turn, she's forced to find sanctuary in the only place she has left - home.
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Stagione 2
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Danielle Savre
Come: Annie Belle "Anna" Hayes

Brock O’Hurn
Come: Brody Allen

Kelly Sullivan
Come: Bonnie Hayes

Alpha Trivette
Come: Doctor Allen

Annie Thrash
Come: Rebel

Ashley Love-Mills
Come: Valerie

Brad Benedict
Come: J.B.

Brooke Anne Smith
Come: Shelby Hayes

Charles Justo
Come: Victor

Christian Ochoa
Come: John

Curran Walters
Come: Mac

Heather Locklear
Come: First Lady Christian

Justin Gabriel
Come: Rick

Matt Battaglia
Come: President Thomas

Nick Ballard
Come: Dax

Robert Craighead
Come: Sheriff Mobley

Trisha Rae Stahl
Come: Jolene

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