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Anno: 2016
Stato: In corso
Network: Sky1
Followers: 14 utenti

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Gina was once married to Leo Vincent, a successful entrepreneur, chef and hotel owner in Cornwall. Leo owes much of his success to Gina’s exceptional cooking, but since leaving her for the glamorous Sam, his business has continued to thrive. When Sam has suspicions that Leo is having an affair she confides in Gina, confident that she’ll recognise the signs. Only to later discover that it’s Gina herself who is the ‘other woman’. The secrets and scandals that spill out are proof that sleeping with another woman’s husband is never a good idea - even if he was your husband first. As Sam and Gina try to fix their broken families, will a friendship rise from the ashes of betrayal or will they tear each other apart?
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Emilia Fox
Come: Co-Lead Female

Dawn French
Come: Lead Female

Sheila Hancock
Come: Mimi Vincent

Ruairi O'Connor
Come: Michael Vincent

Tanya Reynolds
Come: Teresa Benelli

Iain Glenn
Come: Make Lead

Kemi-Bo Jacobs
Come: Suzy

Obi Abili
Come: Reverend Norton

Vinette Robinson
Come: Rosa

Mark Letheren
Come: Dio Tremayne

Cesare Taurasi
Come: Franco

Aaron Anthony
Come: Adam Hesketh

Franco Nero
Come: Joe Benelli

Risteard Cooper
Come: James Harley

Hetti Bywater
Come: Daisy

Jonathan Jaynes
Come: Clyde Palmer

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