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Anno: 2017
Stato: In corso
Network: Line TV
Followers: 15 utenti

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Season one: My Hero - After dying, a young girl's soul takes over the body of a lonely boy to try to be with her boyfriend once again. However, she has one week for her boyfriend to fall in love with her new body. Or else both her and the boy's body dies. Stay away from me - When their parents get married and leave for a long honeymoon, superstar Cheng Qing moves in with his new stepbrother Feng He. With Meng Meng, his fujoshi best friend, starts dreaming of the perfect BL fanfic, she tries to push the two together. Will Feng He be able to stay away from his brother? Obsessed - Another part of the HIStory webseries follows the story of Shao Yi Chen, a man who dies in an accident involving his boyfriend, Jiang Jing Teng. Shao Yi Chen is reborn and sent back 9 years. To save his future self he avoids Jiang Jing Teng and avoids his feelings for him. Problem is Shao Yi Chen has loved Jiang Jiang Teng for a long time and has written about him in his diary. While destroying the diary, Jiang Jing Teng discovers a few pages. Causing Jiang Jing Teng to become curious about Shao Yi Chen. Will he resist the love of the handsome man Jiang Jing Teng and save his future self, or will he fall for the same man twice and risk his life? Season two: Right or wrong - The story is about a cynical father and a young boy get together after some weird accidents. Shi Yi Jie is an associate professor of The Department of Anthropology and he is a divorced single man. He has a 8-year-old daughter called Yo Yo. He single-handedly raises his daughter. After encountering Fei Sheng Zhe by accident, the three of them have sparked some fire. Crossing line/Boundary crossing - This story is about school, youth, passion, sports and romance. Wang Zhen Wu is Wang Zhen Wen's older stepbrother, Zhen Wen likes him, but Zhen Wu can't show his feelings to his younger brother because of them being stepbrothers. Qiu Zi Xuan was an excellent volleyball player in the past, but he had to give up on on his dreams due to his injuries, but he still participates in the volleyball-related training, arranges and helps them to get into training, watching them improve. During the training, he meets a guy, Xia Yu Hao, a guy with a really bad temper who gets easily infuriated with people that make him angry, but he strives to acquire what he persistently wants to achieve. Zi Xuan thinks he's the one who can reach his dream instead of him. He hopes that Yu Hao can achieve what he couldn't in the past. Season three: Trap - The story is about a romance between a police officer and a gangster. A police officer becomes a bodyguard of a man. The man is the son of the head of a gang. He gradually falls for the "sweet trap" set by the gangster. Miracle - He's waiting for the lover to come back someday, hoping a miracle could happen again. A cuisine brings back those memories happening between them in the past.
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Spark Chen
Come: Xiang Qing Chang

Come: Lin Cai Zhu

Wang Zhen Lin
Come: Lee Si Yu

Tsai Mu Fei
Come: Xiang Hao Ting

Xia En
Come: Xia En

Xia De
Come: Xia De

Tom Zhang
Come: Lu Zhi Chang

Huang Juan Zhi
Come: Yu Xi Gu

Wayne Song
Come: Xiang Hao Ting

Wilson Liu
Come: Sun Bo Xiang

Stanley Mei
Come: Li Zhi De

Diane Lin
Come: Zuo Hong Ye

Ting-Hsuan Chen
Come: Li-An Chao

Andy Bian
Come: Jack

Sphinx Ting
Come: Gu Dao Yi

Cheng-Yang Wu
Come: Yi Tang

Jack Hsu
Come: Meng Shao Fei

Meng-Lin Yang
Come: Chen-Wen Wang

Shao-Hsun Fan
Come: Yu-Hao Hsia

Hunt Chang
Come: Sheng-Che Fei

Steven Chiang
Come: Yi-Chieh Shih

Yi-Hung Hsieh
Come: Cheng-en He

Johnson Mae
Come: non disponibile

Ze-Wei Wu
Come: non disponibile

Ye Haoen
Come: YoYo

Yan-Ze Lu
Come: Tzu-Hsuan Chiu

Po-Yu Shih
Come: Chen-Wu Wang

Yee Chen
Come: non disponibile

Chia-Ching Lee
Come: non disponibile

You-Cheng Ren
Come: non disponibile

Sen Jun
Come: non disponibile

Ikeya Chen
Come: non disponibile

Bo-Wei Song
Come: non disponibile

Cheng-Jing Wu
Come: non disponibile

He-Hsuan Lin
Come: non disponibile

Tung-Hsien Lai
Come: non disponibile

Ying-Wei Lin
Come: non disponibile

Yun-Lin Chiang
Come: non disponibile

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