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Anno: 2017
Stato: In corso
Network: Audience Network
Followers: 362 utenti

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Based on Stephen King’s best-selling Bill Hodges Trilogy, which includes, "Mr. Mercedes", "Finders Keepers" and "End of Watch". Season 1: Two years ago, a psychopathic killer drove a stolen Mercedes into a crowd, killing 16. The recently-retired detective who headed the unsolved case suddenly begins receiving mysterious messages containing unreleased information and decides to start his own, unofficial investigation. Season 2: A year after his thwarted attempt to perpetrate a second mass murder in the community of Bridgton, Ohio, Brady Hartsfield remains hospitalized in a vegetative state. Retired Detective Bill Hodges has done his best to move on from his Brady obsession, teaming up with Holly Gibney to open Finders Keepers, a private investigative agency. But when unexplainable occurrences begin to affect hospital staff members attending to Brady, Hodges is nagged by the feeling that Brady is somehow responsible.
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Brendan Gleeson
Come: Bill Hodges

Nancy Travis
Come: Donna Hodges

Jack Houston
Come: Felix Babineau

Maximiliano Hernandez
Come: Antonio Montez

Tessa Ferrer
Come: Cora Babineau

Harry Treadaway
Come: Brady Hartsfield

Deborah Hartsfield
Come: Kelly Lynch

Scott Lawrence
Come: Pete Dixon

Breeda Wool
Come: Lou Linklatter

Holland Taylor
Come: Ida Silver

Jharrel Jerome
Come: Jerome Robinson

Mary-Louise Parker
Come: Janey Patterson

Justine Lupe
Come: Holly Gibney

Brett Gelman
Come: Roland Finkelstein

Claire Bronson
Come: Marjorie Saubers

Gabriel Ebert
Come: Morris Bellamy

Glynn Turman
Come: Judge Raines

Josh Daugherty
Come: Tom Saubers

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