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Anno: 2017
Stato: In corso
Network: Rede Globo
Followers: 7 utenti

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The drama follows the daily routine of a medical staff from a public hospital in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro. On the one hand, the skeptic Dr. Evandro, chief surgeon of this team. On the other side, the religious and efficient vascular surgeon, Dr. Carolina, who seeks in faith the antidote against all the miserable who lives day by day. Work partners, both have in common the desire to save lives and need to find a balance between the craft and the intimate conflicts to face the chaotic environment of the emergency hospital.
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Marjorie Estiano
Come: Carolina Almeida

Julio Andrade
Come: Evandro Moreira

Humberto Carrão
Come: Henrique Figueira

Fernanda Torres
Come: Renata Veiga

Bruno Garcia
Come: Décio Guedes

Pablo Sanábio
Come: Charles Garcia

Talita Castro
Come: Kelly Cristina Ribeiro

Heloísa Jorge
Come: Jaqueline Vaz

Orã Figueiredo
Come: Amir Salgado

Tatsu Carvalho
Come: Rafael Albertini

Stepan Necerssian
Come: Samuel Fagundes

Julia Shimura
Come: Keiko Yamada

To be deleted
Come: To be deleted

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