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Anno: 2017
Stato: Terminata
Network: Nickelodeon
Followers: 6 utenti

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“I Am Frankie” is the story of Frankie, an experimental android who navigates the perils and wonders of being a teenager. Frankie looks like any other girl, but functions like the newest computer: complete with Internet access, extensive memory and a hard disk. Frankie goes to school and no one but the members of her family know her secret. She adapts to the real world quite well, despite having no feelings or emotions, but all that changes when she begins to experience family life, make friends and have a boyfriend.
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Kyson Facer
Come: Andrew LaPierre

Tommi Rose
Come: Simone

Carson Rowland
Come: Cole

Alex Hook
Come: Frankie Gaines

Carrie Schroeder
Come: Dr. Sigourney Gaines

Sophia Forest
Come: Jenny Gaines

Nicole Alyse Nelson
Come: Dayton Reyes

Michael Laurino
Come: Will Gaines

Armani Barrett
Come: Byron Patrick

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