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Anno: 2018
Stato: In corso
Network: TVA
Followers: 1 utenti
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Fanny, 16, is a teenager like any other. She dreams of adventure and emancipation, she loves dancing and lives a first love story. One day, she meets Natasha, who introduces her to Damien. Older than Fanny, Damien is a singer who seems to make a good living; money is never a problem for him and he spoils Fanny. She does not take long to fall in love with him and is introduced to a world that was previously unknown to her: that of dancing bars and prostitution. Manipulated and trapped, Fanny sinks and runs away repeatedly. Her parents, Mylène and Laurent, her brother Mathias, her sister Anabel and her grandmother Manon will all be caught up in the whirlwind of anxiety and worry caused by her fall.
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Stagione 2
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Claude Legault
Come: Laurent Couture

Iannicko N’Doua
Come: Carlo

Kimberly Laferrière
Come: Natacha

Madani Tall
Come: Fred

Laurence Latreille
Come: Ariane Béliveau-Leduc

David Poirier
Come: Mathias Couture

Camille Felton
Come: Jessica Rivet-de-Souza

Mayssa Resendes
Come: Anabel Couture

Danielle Proulx
Come: Manon

Lynda Johnson
Come: Mylène

Jean-François Ruel
Come: Damien Stone

Come: Fanny

Charlotte Aubin
Come: Peggy

Stéphane Crête
Come: Olivier

Geneviève Rochette
Come: Sylvie Béliveau

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