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Anno: 2018
Stato: In corso
Network: KRO-NCRV
Followers: 1 utenti

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A deserted road in the middle of the forest. His torn cloths and face full of scratches and blood shows that he had an accident. But the successful criminal lawyer Daniel Elias can no longer remember who he is and how he ended up there. In the wreck of Daniel’s car, the police finds blood and a mobile phone, both belonging to his niece Anna van Leer, who disappeared on that same night. Everything points to Daniel as the main suspect in Anna’s disappearance. Daniel must find a way to prove his innocence, even though he does not know whether he is guilty or not.
Stagione 1
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Sophie van Winden
Come: Eva van Duren

Gaite Jansen
Come: Anna van Leer

Ariane Schluter
Come: Alize Kasteel

Daan Schuurmans
Come: Daniel Elias

Come: non disponibile

Come: non disponibile

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