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Stato: Terminata
Network: OCN
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Crimes caused by mysterious powers take place. A psychic, a Catholic priest and a detective fight against these crimes. Yoon Hwa-Pyung (Kim Dong-Wook) is the psychic. He was born to a shaman family. Yoon Hwa-Pyung seeks out those possessed by evil spirits and attempts to expel the evil spirits. Choi Yoon (Kim Jae-Wook) is the Catholic priest. He is cynical and cool-headed. He doesn't like having relationships with others. He is recognized for his abilities as an exorcist. Kang Kil-Young (Jung Eun-Chae) is the detective. She doesn't believe in evil spirts or exorcisms, but her views change because of Choi Yoon and Yoon Hwa-Pyung.
Stagione 1
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Jung Eun Chae
Come: Kang Gil Young

Kim Jae Wook
Come: Choi Yoon

Kim Dong Wook
Come: Yoon Hwa Pyung

Baek Bum Soo
Come: Min Goo

Choi Seung Hoon
Come: Yoon Hwa Pyung (young)

Kim Ji Won
Come: Son Hyeon Joo

Lee Won Jong
Come: Yook Gwang

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