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Stato: In corso
Network: Fuji TV
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Doujima Daisuke, a 2nd-year student in high school who was kidnapped when he was younger, experiences a strange phenomenon along with his friends Gai, Lu, Marimari, and Keisaku: "Shibuya Adrift". The center of the city of Shibuya is transported more than 300 years in the future. The people sent with it find nothing there but vast wastelands and forests, dotted with ruins... and hostile beings called "Revisions" that control massive mechanical monsters. As the monsters tear through Shibuya, someone appears to save the people: a girl with the same name, "Milo", as the one who helped Daisuke when he was kidnapped, who looks identical to her as well. She gives Daisuke and his friends weapons called "String Puppets" that they can pilot, and tells them to protect Shibuya. Daisuke has spent his whole life believing in the prophecy that Milo gave him when he was kidnapped, and he's overjoyed that the time has come at last and at the power he's gained. But the kidnapping incident tore the 5 childhood friends apart. An isolated city. An unknown enemy. An uncertain past and a prophecy of the future. The children fight the "future" to bring back the "present". No matter what, they're going home...
Stagione 1
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Hōchū Ōtsuka
Come: Nicholas Satō

Yukari Tamura
Come: Mukyū Isurugi

Yōko Hikasa
Come: Chiharu Isurugi

Sōma Saitō
Come: Keisuke Asano

Manaka Iwami
Come: Marin Temari

Rie Takahashi
Come: Chang Lu Steiner

Nobunaga Shimazaki
Come: Chang Gai Steiner

Mikako Komatsu
Come: Milo

Kōki Uchiyama
Come: Daisuke Dojima
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