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Stato: In corso
Network: BBC One
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Raza, a young, second generation Pakistani man from East London, is coerced by Gabe, a Counter-Terrorism officer, to go undercover and inform for him. Gabe, who has a past he is unwilling to expose, is joined by Holly, his new and ambitious partner whose endless curiosity becomes threatening to him. As the central counterterrorism investigation heats up, the stakes for all three get higher and higher. Informer tells a story about identity in a world where lines are increasingly being drawn and sides are being taken. What happens when you, or your friends, family or neighbours fall on the wrong side of that line and the personal becomes political?
Stagione 1
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Jessica Raine
Come: Emily Waters

Bel Powley
Come: Holly Morten

Nabhaan Rizwan
Come: Raza Shar

Paddy Considine
Come: Gabe Waters

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