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Network: Netflix
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After a virtual eternity, a new struggle is about to unfold now again over the Cloth. A boy named Seiya has crossed way over to Greece to undergo the training to become a Saint and obtained the Cloth, Bronze cloth, the lowest position among Saints. Every Saint takes a constellation as their tutelary god. And Seiya's guardian star is Pegasus. Now, the saints gather together from all over the world to participate in the "Galatic War" - championship of Saints, aiming at the Gold Cloth, the symbol of ruler of the Saints. The curtain for Galatic War has been cut open. During the death battle between the Saints, Phoenix, the Black Saint, suddenly appeared on the scene and runs off with Gold Cloth in front of a full house in his ambition to become ruler of the world. Seiya and his fellow bronze cloth warriors go after Phoenix and his "Shadow Army" to retrieve the lost Gold Cloth. COMING 2019
Stagione 1
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Fumiko Orikasa
Come: Saori Kido / Atena

Hiroaki Miura
Come: Hyoga

Katsuyuki Konishi
Come: Ikki

Masakazu Morita
Come: Seiya

Satomi Sato
Come: Shaun

Takahiro Sakurai
Come: Shiryu

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