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Arthdal Chronicles depicts the birth of civilization and nations in ancient times. It is a story of mythical heroes, their struggle, unity and love of people living in a virtual land called Arth. The storyline of Arthdal Chronicles is centered around the ancient city of Arthdal, established on Arth. Eunseom relentlessly fights to protect his own tribe and has strong protective instincts. Tagon is very charismatic and most talented, yet overwhelmingly dangerous. Tanya is the successor of Wahan Tribe clan mother, who realizes her destiny to protect her own people against other powerful tribes. Taealha is the most beautiful lady in Arthdal, and has the strongest desire for power.
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Song Joong-Ki
Come: Eunseom

Jang Dong-Gun
Come: Tagon

Kim Ji-Won
Come: Tanya

Kim Ok-Bin
Come: Taealha

Park Hae-Joon
Come: Mubaek

Song Joong-Ki
Come: Saya

Erika Karata
Come: Xabara

Kim Sung-Cheol
Come: Ipsaeng

Shin Joo-Hwan
Come: Dalsae

Ahn Hye-Won
Come: Nunbyeol

Jo Sung-Ha
Come: Hae Mihol

Lee Do-Kyung
Come: Asa Ron

Park Byung-Eun
Come: Dan Byuk

Kim Eui-Sung
Come: San Woong

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