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Stato: In corso
Network: ZDFneo
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The young pathologist Emma (Antje Traue) has completed her training in the US and is now - forced - trying to gain a foothold in her old homeland. She goes back to the province of Brandenburg because she urgently needs to help her father Peter (Michael Gwisdek), the local coroner. He has behaved extremely strangely for some time now and is taking home some of his work: bones are stored in the refrigerator. To protect her father, Emma takes over his orders. The pathologist looks very carefully - which turns one or the other death case into a criminal case. However, during her research, Emma not only meets with love: Mayor Herbst (Fabian Busch) wants his little town to remain just as contemplative as it is. That does not go together with the murder and manslaughter that Emma obviously imported from America. Emma can not expect any support from the investigative tired police commissioner Schubert (Lars Rudolph). In Betti (Victoria Schulz), the new policewoman in place, but Emma finds an ally. With Betti, Emma irritably combines more than sheer stubbornness.
Stagione 1
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Nikolai Kinski
Come: Kevin Dorsett - Emmas Freund

Victoria Schulz
Come: Betti Steiner - Polizist

Lars Rudolph
Come: Michael Schubert - Polizist

Inka Loewendorf
Come: Nina

Fabian Busch
Come: Lars Herbst - Bürgermeister

Michael Gwisdek
Come: Peter Kugel - Leichenbeschauer

Antje Traue
Come: Emma Kugel - Forensiker

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