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Stato: Terminata
Network: GTV
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Zhou Wei Wei is about to marry her successful, devoted fiancé. And Chu Ke Huan's girlfriend of ten years is hoping to tie the knot with him. There’s just one hitch, Wei Wei and Ke Huan are starting to develop feelings for one another. Despite their intentions to keep things platonic, Cupid seems to have other plans for them. Will they get cold feet? Will they give in to passion? Or can they keep their feelings for one another in check? This tense romantic drama about love, friendship, and betrayal is adapted from a novel by hit author Ayamei.
Stagione 1
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Li Pei Xun
Come: David Liu

Mu Chen
Come: Yan Bai Yang

Phoebe Yuan
Come: Han Ke Fei

Steven Sun
Come: Li Hao Yi

Nita Lei
Come: Gao Zi Yuan

Jasper Liu
Come: Chu Ke Huan

Puff Kuo
Come: Zhou Wei Wei

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