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Anno: 2001
Stato: Terminata
Network: Netflix
Followers: 10 utenti

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Ricky and Julian are two guys whose lives were shaped by their experiences growing up in the Trailer Park. Their childhood was typical of most trailer park kids - stealing, fighting, smoking, drinking, scamming and listening to Van Halen. The Boys have had their share of trouble with the law and spend a large portion of their adult lives behind bars.
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George Green
Come: Officer George Green

Patrick Roach
Come: Randy

John Dunsworth
Come: Jim Lahey

Mike Smith
Come: Bubbles

Robb Wells
Come: Ricky

John Paul Tremblay
Come: Julian

Jacob Rolfe
Come: Jacob Collins

Sam Tarasco
Come: Sam Losco

Bernard Robichaud
Come: Cyrus

Richard Collins
Come: Phil Collins

Lucy Decoutere
Come: Lucy

Cory Bowles
Come: Cory

Barrie Dunn
Come: Ray

Michael Jackson
Come: Trevor

Shelly Thompson
Come: Barbara Lahey

Jeanna Harrison-Steinhart
Come: Trinity

Jonathan Torrens
Come: J-Roc

Sarah E Dunsworth
Come: Sarah

Ellen Page
Come: Treena Lahey

Amy Kerr
Come: Erin

Brian Huggins
Come: Shitty Bill

David Gunning
Come: Forest Ranger

Garry James
Come: Detroit Velvet Smooth

George Canyon
Come: Head Forest Ranger

Jason Daley
Come: Alien Trevor #1

Jim Swansburg
Come: Detective Ted Johnson

Leigh MacInnis
Come: Don

Mike O'Neill
Come: Thomas Collins

Mio Adilman
Come: Dennis

Nicholas Lachance
Come: Alien Trevor #2

Nikki Timmons
Come: Background

Nobu Adilman
Come: Terry

Novalea Buchan
Come: Police Officer

Sebastian Bach
Come: Sebastian Bach

Shauna MacDonald
Come: Officer Erica Miller

Tyrone Parsons
Come: Tyrone

Valerie Fougere
Come: Rhonda

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