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Anno: 2001
Stato: Terminata
Network: FOX (US)
Followers: 10 utenti

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College life is seen through the eyes of the "new and improved" Steven Karp, who grew seven inches over summer--going from scrawny high-school nerd to potentially handsome college student. Steven meets his British roommate, Lloyd, a suave theater major who enlightens him in the ways of women. They share a suite with Marshall, a music major, and Ron, a business major. They all live just across the hall from Lizzie, the girl who "stole" Steven's virginity (and heart) but has a 'loving' and 'creative' boyfriend back home. And then there's Rachel, Lizzie's panic-stricken roommate. Together they help each other face the freedoms and responsibilities that come along with being away from home for the first time.
Stagione 1
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Jay Baruchel
Come: Steven Karp

Charlie Hunnam
Come: Lloyd Haythe

Seth Rogen
Come: Ron Garner

Jason Segel
Come: Eric

Loudon Wainwright III
Come: Hal Karp

Timm Sharp
Come: Marshall Nesbitt

Monica Keena
Come: Rachel Lindquist

Christina Payano
Come: Tina Ellroy

Busy Philipps
Come: Kelly

Carla Gallo
Come: Lizzie Exley

Martin Starr
Come: Theo

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