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Anno: 2001
Stato: Terminata
Network: SciFi
Followers: 5 utenti

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Black Scorpion is a female superhero in the vein of Spider-Man, Superman and Batman. She is beautiful, sexy and highly intelligent, and she has great martial-arts skills and a rapier wit. By day, Black Scorpion is Darcy, a policewoman, driving a white Corvette. By night, she becomes Black Scorpion and her Corvette morphs into the Scorpionmobile, a super-charged futuristic car equipped with an arsenal of science-fiction devices. Like her male comic-book counterparts, Black Scorpion's drive to assume another identity to confront evil and bring criminals to justice is fuelled by a strong personal motivation: the murder of her policeman father by a notorious supervillain, the Breathtaker. Unable to obtain justice through "the system," she assumes an alter ego to take the law into her own hands. Black Scorpion uses her crime-solving skills, her martial-arts prowess, and her Scorpionmobile to pursue and fight the supervillains and supervixens who threaten the City of Angels, a comi
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Stagione 1
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Michelle Lintel
Come: Darcy Walker / Black Scorpion

Come: Argyle

Elizabeth Huett
Come: Young Darcy

Enya Flack
Come: Veronica

Guy Boyd
Come: Capt. Henry Strickland

Robert Pine
Come: Mayor Artie Worth

Scott Valentine
Come: Det. Steve Rafferty

Shae Marks
Come: Babette

Shane Powers
Come: Specs

Steven Kravitz
Come: Slugger

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