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Anno: 2001
Stato: Terminata
Network: Nickelodeon
Followers: 2 utenti

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A highly rated Nickelodeon show created by Maria Perez Brown, “Taina” is a rhythmic mix of live-action and contemporary music. This lively series chronicles the life of Taina Morales, a sassy 15-year-old Latina caught between two worlds – the traditional world of her Puerto Rican family, where Taina lives with her parents, brother, and grandfather in Queens, New York, and the modern world of her friends and life at school. She dreams that someday she will be a star, but finds out that the road to being a star is a difficult. Taina attends the Manhattan School of the Arts with her best friend, Renee (Khalilah Adams), and her other friends Daniel (David Oliver Cohen) and Lamar (Chris Knowings) and her arch Nemesis, Maritza (LaTangela). In every episode, we see her attempts to become a star. As much as she loves the limelight, Taina learns that making the big-time is not as easy.
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Brandon Iglesias
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Chris Knowings
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Christina Vidal
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David Oliver Cohen
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Jacob Urrutia
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Josh Cruze
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Khalilah Adams
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Lisa Lisa
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Manolo Villaverde
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Selenis Leyva
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