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Anno: 1993
Stato: In corso
Network: USA Network
Followers: 18 utenti

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WWE Monday Night Raw is World Wrestling Entertainment's (formerly the WWF) premiere wrestling event and brand. Since its launch in 1993, WWE Monday Night Raw continues to air live on Monday nights. Raw is generally seen as the company's flagship program due to its prolific history, high ratings, weekly live format, and emphasis on pay-per-views. Monday Night Raw is high profile enough to attract frequent visits from celebrities who usually serve as guest hosts for a single live event. Since its first episode, Raw has now been broadcast live, or recorded from, 197 different arenas in 165 cities and towns in seven different nations: including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom twice a year, Afghanistan for a special Tribute to the Troops, Germany, Japan, and Italy. The show will be recorded in Mexico for the first time in October 2011. "Raw" has gone through several name changes throughout it's history, starting out first as "Monday Night Raw", then changing to "Raw is War" during the attitude era, changing to just "Raw" after the 9/11/2001 WTC terrorist attacks (to remove the reference to "war"), and is now simply being pushed again by announcers as "Monday Night Raw". Monday Night Raw is also the longest running episodic television show still on TV with more than 16 seasons of shows that run year round.
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Randal Keith Orton
Come: Randy Orton

Glen Jacobs
Come: Kane

Steven James Anderson
Come: Stone Cold Steve Austin

Darren Matthews
Come: William Regal

Michael Shawn Hickenbottom
Come: Shawn Michaels

Paul Levesque
Come: Triple H

Dwayne Douglas Johnson
Come: The Rock

Ronnie Aaron Killings
Come: R-Truth

Alberto Rodríguez
Come: Alberto Del Rio

Michael Gregory Mizanin
Come: The Miz

Paul Donald Wight, Jr.
Come: The Big Show

John Felix Anthony Cena
Come: John Cena

Mark Jerrold Henry
Come: Mark Henry

James William Ross
Come: Good Ol' JR

Elizabeth Kocianski Carolan
Come: Beth Phoenix

Natalie Katherine Neidhart
Come: Natalya

Matthew Joseph Cardona Jr.
Come: Zack Ryder

Phillip Jack Brooks
Come: CM Punk

Stephen Farrelly
Come: Sheamus

Eve Torres
Come: Eve

Barbara Jean Blank
Come: Kelly Kelly

Dwayne Johnson
Come: The Rock

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