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Anno: 1997
Stato: In corso
Network: ITV
Followers: 3 utenti

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Cold Feet is about three couples. Adam Williams and Rachel Bradley start the series about a year and six or so weeks into their relationship. The pilot shows this couple coming together. Jenny and Pete Gifford are a married couple that start the series with the birth of their first child. Karen and David Marsden are another married couple, and when the series starts they already have a child, and are thinking of having another. The three couples end up friends after going through the 'friends of friends' process. Jenny, Pete and Adam are friends, and Adam's relationship with Rachel pulls Karen and David into the friends relationship.
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John Thomson
Come: Pete Gifford

Robert Bathurst
Come: David Marsden

Hermione Norris
Come: Karen Marsden

Fay Ripley
Come: Jenny Gifford

James Nesbitt
Come: Adam Williams

Helen Baxendale
Come: Rachel Bradley

Kimberley Joseph
Come: Jo Ellison

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