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Anno: 1999
Stato: Terminata
Network: FOX (US)
Followers: 3 utenti

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Beast Machines: Transformers is a continuation of Beast Wars: Transformers. Fugitives on their own world, the Maximals have to retake Cybertron from Megatron and his army of drones, while adjusting to their new technorganic bodies. The new series opens as Optimus, Cheetor, Black Arachnia and Rattrap discover themselves suddenly back on the Transformer homeworld of Cybertron - with no memory of how they got there. Instead of a hero's welcome for winning the Beast Wars, our heroes are hunted by a mysterious new breed of Transformers - the Vehicons. These vicious machines enforce the will of Megatron, who has returned with a vengeance. Megatron has wrestled possesion of Cybertron, leaving Optimus and his team constantly under fire and on the run. Forced underground, the Maximals undergo a strange reformatting that not only alters their Beast/Robot bodies, but the very essence of HOW they transform. No longer an instantaneous response, transformation is now a disciplined skill that must be learned and refined and can only be accessed by saying this phrase: I AM TRANSFORMED!
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Gary Chalk
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Ian James Corlett
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Scott McNeil
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Alessandro Juliani
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Brian Drummond
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David Kaye
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Jim Byrnes
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Kathleen Barr
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Paul Dobson
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Venus Terzo
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Christopher Gaze
Come: Diagnostics Drone

Elizabeth Carol Savenkoff
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Patricia Drake
Come: Strika

Richard Newman
Come: Rhinox-Tankor

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