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Anno: 2001
Stato: Terminata
Network: CBS
Followers: 15 utenti

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"There are those among us who can move at will between the world of the wolves and the world of the humans. My people call them skin walkers." Seattle police detective John Kanin has a problem. He's in love, but shortly after agreeing to marry him, his girlfriend disapears. His search leads to her home town, where people are clearly hiding information from him. One of the things they are hiding is the fact that they are all werewolves, as is John's girlfriend, Ruby.
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Stagione 1
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Lou Diamond Phillips
Come: John Kanin

Tim Matheson
Come: Sheriff Matthew Donner

Paul Wesley
Come: Luke Cates

Graham Greene
Come: Sherman Blackstone

Kellie Waymire
Come: Miranda Devereaux

Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Come: Sophia Donner

Bruce McGill
Come: Willard Cates

Mia Kirshner
Come: Ruby Wilder/Cates

Scott Bairstow
Come: Tyler Creed

Sharon Lawrence
Come: Vivian Cates

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