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Anno: 2001
Stato: Terminata
Network: Non disponibile
Followers: 5 utenti
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Based on the series of children's books written by Andrew Griff, Stanley is all about an extremely imaginative and creative little boy who is wild about animals. In fact, he loves to make simple drawings of his favorite animals. His supportive and loving parents as well as his teasing, yet affectionate, older brother are privy to only part of Stanley's world. They can't see or hear the conversations he has with his pet goldfish, Dennis. As Stanley's best friend and closest adviser, Dennis serves as a guide throughout each episode, bringing Stanley to an important understanding or life lesson that adds to his personal growth and self-confidence. Tag along for the interactive adventure and fun as this imaginative little boy and his best friend, a talking goldfish named Dennis, explore the animal kingdom while, at the same time, using their newfound knowledge to navigate the tumults of kid-dom!
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Ari Meyers
Come: Joyce Griff

Charles Shaughnessy
Come: Dennis the Goldfish

David Landsberg
Come: Mark Griff

Hynden Walch
Come: Elsie the Cat

Jessica D. Stone
Come: Stanley Griff

Rene Mujica
Come: Harry the Dog

Shawn Pyfrom
Come: Lionel Griff

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