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Anno: 2001
Stato: Terminata
Network: Non disponibile
Followers: 2 utenti

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What if the novels of Jules Verne were actually based on his real-life adventures? Set in the late 19th-century, Jules Verne is a young man struggling to become a successful writer. His visions of the future are sought by the League of Darkness, a group led by the centuries-old steampunk-cybernetic Count Gregory. Jules meets up with British spy Rebecca Fogg, her arrogant cousin Phileas, and his man-servant Passepartout. Phileas has retired from the spy business after his supervisor and father ended up getting his brother killed. The British Government arranged for Phileas to "win" a lighter-then-air ship, the Aurora, and gain the services of Passepartout, an accomplished tinkerer. Phileas puts the Aurora at the service of his cousin on her missions. With Jules' help, they fight a variety of futuristic (for 1890) and supernatural menaces, ranging from giant underground digging machines to vampires wearing rocket pack to ghosts to aliens to time travel devices. They also occasionally run afoul of the League of Darkness, who have their own plans for ruling the world through technology.
Stagione 1
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Chris Demetral
Come: Jules Verne

Francesca Hunt
Come: Rebecca Fogg

Michael Praed
Come: Phileas Fogg

Michel Courtemanche
Come: Passepartout

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