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Anno: 2000
Stato: Terminata
Network: ITV
Followers: 1 utenti

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Peter Davison and Amanda Redman are starring as David and Alison Braithwaite in this brilliant mixture of comedy and drama. The story begins with Alison being given a European lottery ticket by her youngest daughter Charlotte for her 40th birthday and guess what - she happens to be the winner of £38m. First Alison cannot believe it herself and then she is afraid of how such sudden wealth will affect her family, so she decides to keep a secret, and use the money to help others. She uses her middle name and her maiden name to create Jane Crowther and sets up a charity called the Jane Crowther Trust.
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Sarah Churm
Come: Sarah Braithwaite

Ray Stevenson
Come: Graham Braithwaite

Keeley Fawcett
Come: Charlotte Braithwaite

Sarah Smart
Come: Virginia Braithwaite

Lynda Bellingham
Come: Pauline Farnell

Peter Davison
Come: David Braithwaite

Amanda Redman
Come: Alison Braithwaite

Julie Graham
Come: Megan Hartnoll

Kevin Doyle
Come: Mike Hartnoll

Lucy Whelan
Come: Tamsin

Sylvia Syms
Come: Marion Rile

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