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Anno: 1999
Stato: Terminata
Network: BBC One
Followers: 21 utenti

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Wives and Daughters is a 1999 four part BBC serial adapted from the novel Wives and Daughters: An Everyday Story by Victorian author Elizabeth Gaskell. It focuses on Molly Gibson (Justine Waddell), the daughter of the town doctor, and the changes that occur in her life after her widowed father chooses to remarry. The union brings into her once-quiet life an ever-proper stepmother (Francesca Annis) and flirtatious stepsister, Cynthia (Keeley Hawes), while a friendship with the local squire brings about an unexpected romance.
Stagione 1
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Justine Wadell
Come: Molly Gibson

Anthony Howell
Come: Roger Hamley

Rosamund Pike
Come: Lady Harriet

Iain Glen
Come: Mr. Preston

Michael Gambon
Come: Squire Hamley

Tom Hollander
Come: Osborne Hamley

Keeley Hawes
Come: Cynthia Kirkpatrick

Francesca Annis
Come: Hyacinth Gibson

Bill Paterson
Come: Mr. Gibson

Barbara Flynn
Come: Miss Browning

Deborah Findlay
Come: Miss Phoebe

Emily McKenzie
Come: Maria

Ian Carmichael
Come: Lord Cumnor

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