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Anno: 1998
Stato: Terminata
Network: BBC TWO
Followers: 1 utenti

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A series of killings of bank managers has London in a turmoil, all the way up to Parliament. And the killer regularly calls about his handiwork, but only to a street-wise, and usually rather tipsy, radio reporter, about to be sacked for his habitual irreverence toward his station and the BBC. And while everything seems to point to a lead singer of a rock group famous for the "In The Red" music which has been connected to the killings, in typical British mystery fashion, there are also other sub-plots to be considered.
Stagione 1
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Alun Armstrong
Come: DCI Frank Jefferson

Victoria Carling
Come: DS Marten

Richard Griffiths
Come: Geoffrey Crichton Potter

David Ryall
Come: Max Parker

John Sessions
Come: Hercules Forestcue

Lee Ingleby
Come: Paul

Mark Gatiss
Come: Junior Detective

Rachel Fielding
Come: Laetitia Tone

Rebecca Front
Come: Beth Parsons

Reece Shearsmith
Come: Broadcast Journalist

Richard Wilson
Come: Lord Tone

Rik Mayall
Come: Dominic De"Ath

Sally Phillips
Come: Jemma White

Siobhan Redmond
Come: Ms. Sin

Stephen Fry
Come: Controller, Radio 2

Steve Pemberton
Come: Lawrence Boot-Heath

Warren Clarke
Come: George Cragge

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